The First Feedings

If you go by traditional methods of weaning a baby, the first several feedings in- volve a tablespoon or two of very runny food. As mentioned, many parents start with rice cereal mixed with enough breast milk or formula to make the meal runny enough to spoon in a baby spoonful at a time. Don’t worry about drips or messes as the baby doesn’t have the ability to neatly take in food and swallow it. 

Other choices of food as your baby becomes accustomed to rice cereal are oat ce- real, pureed or mashed cooked vegetables, mashed or pureed fruits, maize, or potato. By the time your baby is ten months old, you can try rice, bread, crackers and pasta. Milk and dairy foods like yogurt can be tried at about ten to twelve months as can meat, fish, eggs and beans. If you mix up the types of food your baby eats, he or she will be less of a picky eater. Make sure you switch from savory to sweet foods as often as possible so your baby doesn’t develop a sweet tooth. Babies should like all kinds of food. 

Expect that your baby will eat very small portions in the beginning. This means just a tablespoon or two three times per day. You should still be breastfeeding on de- mand or giving the baby 500-600 ml of baby formula per day. Use a coated baby spoon or plastic spoon in the beginning. Some companies make a wooden spoon with a bunch of rubber bristles at the end of it. The food sticks to the bristles and  the baby slurps the food off. You can also try using a clean finger and putting a small amount of baby food on the end of it.